We were commissioned to consultant on a movement and dance campaign for Stella McCartney  which ran online and in print.


It involved us creating signature movements that would capture the style of the clothes and the children's personality on camera. We worked with the children before the shoot as many of the models already cast were not dancers. We then held a casting to cast an amazing dancer who could do the tricks needed and had amazing dance ability to bring the campaign to life


We also attended the shoot on the day and worked alongside the art director to ensure fluidity of the moves and direct the children.

It was a fab shoot and the result was amazing!

"Using JE Management for our Kids shoot made all the difference, we needed the children to move, dance and feel confident in doing so and Jessica and her team really brought out the best in them, making it a fun and exciting experience for all. The children were really comfortable around and a great energy was created on set. The dancer she cast was also amazing!"