Parent Advice for Choosing the Right Agency for Your Child

Welcome to my first official blog post! Been as we are just launching I have decided to decicate my first post to parents? Why I hear you ask.. I am not yet a parent but looking around I see that it looks to be THE hardest job in the world. So hats off to all you Mammas and Papas doing a great job. There are so many decisons to make, which school, which food, which activities and for some which modelling or talent agency. It's a hard choice there are so many to choose from. So I have come up with five top tips to help you on the road to choosing the right one.

1. PHOTOS- Your child does not need a portfolio of photos when they are just starting out. They will build a portfolio as they go along and get jobs. There is no need to fork out large sums of money for lots of different shots. What is needed is two professional head shots and that's it. So if agencies are telling you you need lots of photos equaling hundreds of pounds be very careful.

2. PEOPLE- Always meet the person who will be representing your child, what are they like? what is their background or experiences. Bare in mind someone may be just starting out as an agent and everyone deserves a chance but do they have the contacts and the ambition to try to get your child jobs? Can you get references from others. Never sign up to an agency where you send the photos off and then your child just appears on a website the business of modelling and talent agencies is based on relationships so form a good bond from the very begining with any angent you are going to sign your child to.

3. P R O M I S E S- There are no garuntees in this business! sometimes children will even be penciled in for jobs and then a casting director will call and say they no longer want to use them. The business of show business is harsh and no one can garuntee your child will be sucessful in gaining work. So be careful of agents who make you promises as they probably can not keep them.

4. P R E P A R A T I O N- Somtimes your child will receive material to learn before an audition or casting. It is very import that you help your child learn what is required if they are to have any chance of being sucessful at auditions and castings.

5. P E R S I S T A N C E- If at first you don't succeed try and try again. Both yourself and your child will need to have a thick skin to enjoy the fruits of show business there is often disppointment but you cant let that put you off. Your child will need to have an 'on to the next one' type attitude.

6. P R A C T I C E- Makes perfect! The more auditons/castings your child goes to the better they will get at it. They will also need to keep up their weekly dance, singing or drama classes if they attend too to ensure they are getting the right training.

So there you have it! some tips for finding a good children's talent agent! I hope this has been helpful and hope to maybe meet you and your child some day!

Take Care

JE x

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