Tips for Castings and Auditions

So you have decided to take that step and sign your child up to a talent or modelling agency and then you get the call that you have been waiting for. Their first casting or audition. It can be a nerve racking experience. Auditions usually take place after school or on weekends. They often can not be re-scheduled so be aware if you can not make it you may have missed the opportunity.

Here are my top tips for helping your child through the process and bagging that dream job.


Sometimes your child will be sent material to learn prior to attending the audition. This could be scripts, songs, a routine? Make sure you look at it together make sure your child is happy with it and confident. If you have things you are not sure about do not leave it until the day of the audition to ask. Your agent should be able to get in touch with the casting director and help your child with anything they need to prepare for the audition. Don’t make a big deal of this though it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.


Auditions and castings can often be at short notice. There may be forms to fill in or questions to answer. Help your agent to help you by responding as soon as you can. Also it’s a good idea to confirm you can make an audition if asked to attend.


The filming process especially for TV and film is extremely repetitive and sometimes the audition and casting process can be too. Often repeating the same thing over and over again. This is normal. Sometimes there may also be several rounds before it is decided whether your child has the job or not.


Have none! Tell your child to try their best and trust that they will.


Make sure your child is aware that they may be unsuccessful in getting the job. Obviously it is best that your child approaches every audition with positivity but it is best to be honest. As long as your child has done their best thats all that matters. Every casting/audition is an experience and will help your child with the next one and the reason they did not get the job is often not because they are not good enough it could be for a number of reasons beyond your control, including not the right height for the part, or hair colour or eye colour etc..


There are usually hundreds of children who attend the same casting or auditions. It is absolutely fine that your child doesn’t get every single job they are put forward for. To even get an audition in most cases is a big achievement. In most cases it is not because your child is not talented. They just may not have the right look or be the right height etc.. All factors that are out of their control. As disappointing as it may be at the time the last thing you want is to put them off going to other auditions. It is best to have a ‘better luck next time’ attitude.

So there you have it! A few tips to help you and your child survive their first casting or audition. Good Luck! JE x

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