Joshua Cameron - Our Westend Theatre Star Shares his Story

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My client Joshua Cameron first found a love for the stage when he landed the lead role of Simba in the Lion King and toured with Disney all over the UK for a year. On his return he was successful in gaining a lead Role with the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Matilda. Here he tells you all about his experiences as a ‘child theatre star’!

I am having a great time in Matilda. The cast are lovely. All the children are funny and we are all good friends and very close. Also the chaperones are very polite but they do not tolerate bad behaviour!

On a day to day basis, my Mum, Dad, or my Grandfather drops me off at stage door of The Cambridge Theatre). I often miss school but I work hard to make sure I do not fall behind. When I get to the Theatre I put on my jockstrap and my show vest. We then have to do rehearsals where we work on the dancing and the singing which we do in the show. It’s mostly dancing because there is always a few silly mistakes we make in the performance.

After the rehearsal we go on stage and the choreographer or the dance captain will give us a 15 minutes dance warm up. After that we have a 15 minutes voice warm up and a 15 minutes singing warm up. Then we have a gym check (which is so FUN!) because in the number PHYS-ED after the breaking section we go to the gym and we do forward rolls off of one leg and we kick, push and flop onto the crash matt. Finally we clear the stage into the stalls where the choreographer or the dance captain asks the safeties whilst on the swings! If you didn’t know already then there’s a number called WHEN I GROW UP and we go to the park and we play on the swings because we’re having such an amazing time!

Subsequently, we go back to our dressing room and we get dressed for the first number of the show. I love being on stage! I am so grateful for the experience. You can catch me playing the role of Tommy for the next few months at the Cambridge Theatre in London.


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