Child Star of Stage and Screen Kiano Samuels Shares his Story

Kiano Samuels
When I first began my acting career, I must admit I was a little under confident but that soon changed when I hit my first proper acting debut on the BBC series Truckers! Truckers was an amazing experience, although it was quite hard at times being away from home, from comfort. I also missed my friends, so whenever I had free time, I'd be messaging my family and friends and calling them. I had a tutor and my school gave me some work books so I wasn't missing out on any education. I got to work with Ashley Walters which was really cool! I played his son and I also gave him some acting tips lol I did! The set was filmed in the amazing Nottingham, with beautiful monuments, an IMAX and top notch restaurants! My first ever theatre job began on March 13th, my first show on The Bodyguard, based on the movie starring Whitney Houston. I got to perform with Alexandra Burke, Beverley Knight and Tristan Gemmill! Along with a range of awesome dancers and ensemble, such as Joelle Moses( X Factor and The Voice), and Carole Stennett(The Lion King) . I played Alexandra/Beverley's son, "Fletcher Marron" who's family was in grave danger as a stalker continued to try and attack us! This was performed at The Adelphi Theatre, right on the Strand. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the chaperones took us to lunch to a restaurant of our own choice because we did two shows on those days. On the last day of school, I had to leave school early, which was really saddening as I was moving on to Secondary School and thought I'd never see my friends again. My last day in The Bodyguard had some tears shed in itself as everyone was moving on and possibly wouldn't see each other for a while. I am currently attending Lion King Cub School, training to become Young Simba in the show that has lasted fifteen years at The Lyceum! It was a great honour to be invited to join the school as I had always wanted to be in The Lion King! You can probably imagine my excitement! Our dance teacher, Akosua, has told my mum great things about me and just last Friday, I was given a sheet on everything I had improved on; there was a huge amount on there which made me really smile to myself. I have made loads of friends in my acting career so far, adult and children. But most of all what I love about my career is that I have the opportunity to do what I love, but as a job. My mum and my agent Jess have supported me the entire way, and I just wanted to thank them for letting me come this far! Kiano S

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