SurvivingThe School Production

As Nativity season approaches boys and girls across the country will begin to learn lines, proud parents will be making costumes and school halls will be full of families watching The Greatest Story Ever Told.. I recall almost always bagging the role the required the most talking, namely the narrator when it came to school productions (I wonder why?) lol! But there were a couple of years when I was a sheep with no speaking part, a shepherd (what an upgrade) and one year when I was an understudy.. That was tough.. I remember it was explained to me that I was learning lines just in case? Sigh.. So.. The parts have now been allocated. Your little cherub may not be particularly happy with their role but the fact is rehearsals have begun. School productions are a right of passage and extremely important in the development of a child. If you wish for your child to become involved in professional entertainment then amateur productions and schools plays are a useful way of easing a child in to line learn and gaining confidence without the pressure of large fees and expectations. Here are my 5 top tips to help your child in their school play regardless of their role and for you as parents to feel more relaxed about the process. 1. ENJOY- remember this is supposed to be fun. Tell your child to really enjoy their moment on stage and turn any nerves into excitement. 2. LEARN THEIR LINES- your child will be instantly more confident if they know what they are doing! Help them to learn any lines or songs needed. Maybe even turn it into an activity for the whole family so that they don't feel pressured? Repetition is key. The more they repeat it the better they will become. 3. GET ORGANISED- If you need to make or buy a costume then get started nice and early! Remember most children in the UK are doing a school play.. Don't get caught out by not being able to get the right costume. So you are not rushing. If you are flustered the kids will pick up on it and be flustered too! Likewise if you need a ticket book it early! 4. DON'T STRESS- They may not get the lines exactly right but it's all the little 'mistakes' that make a school play fantastic! It's fine not to get it perfectly right and if you don't make a big deal of it your little star will be more relaxed and give a better performance. 5. PRAISE & CELEBRATE- Make sure you tell your child how proud your truly are of them and Celebrate their success Oh and also .. Just to mention..The Nativity 3, Dude Where's my Donkey is out now..staring Martin Clunes and Catherine Tate. Perfect Christmas family film to get you all in the mood... Well worth a watch!

Hope you and your little star enjoy their school production.. Who knows I may even see you there! They are great places to scout new talent. JE x

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